Make the Most of Free Shirts When Advertising

It is a good thing to invest in merchandise that you can give away for free. People will appreciate your company if you try your best to reach out to them through free stuff. However, you can’t give everything out without somehow assuring yourself that the recipient is someone who deserves it. You are spending money on these items, so they should not be for people who have zero chance of becoming your customer. Here are some strategies for you to make the most of free stuff.

Give them to potential clients

When you are pitching ideas to new clients, you want to convince them to be on your team. Giving them free shirts is a good way to win their hearts. It shows that you are taking the partnership seriously, and you are even willing to give something without asking for anything in return.

Targeting inactive customers

You want to find customers who used to buy from you but are no longer doing it today. Perhaps, they found other options, but they need the same product. These are the people you can convince to bring back to the fold. Since they are buying the product anyway, they might come back to you. Make sure you improve the quality of the products you are selling, so as not to give another reason to leave.

Host a contest through social media

You can give free shirts after winning a competition. In essence, you are giving the shirts only to people who worked hard to have them. The good thing is that in the process, you will already be doing something to make your brand famous. The social media activities that take place might somehow make your brand a hit among people who had not even heard about you before.

Distribute shirts during sponsored events

Try your best to host local activities where the organisers will allow you to advertise. You can even sell products on the spot. You can increase people’s attention by giving free shirts. They will not expect to have one before heading home. They might have gone to the event for another reason. If they get something unexpected, it could convince them to buy from you the next time.

Bundle shirts with products

You can reward people who buy items from you. If they buy a popular product that you offer, you can include the shirt in their bag. You can tell them about it so that they will intentionally buy the product for the reward, or you can keep it a secret so that they will feel surprised to get something more, in addition to what they purchased.

You need to find ways to get something out of the items you hand out for free. You can check out options like t-shirt and garment printing if you want to order now. If you need the shirts the following day, they will be available. Use the opportunity wisely and ensure the popularity of your company.