Michael Giuffrida – A Tale of Two Bosses

It is fair to say that many of us do not enjoy working for a living but of course it is something which we all need to do. Something which can make your experience of work is having a great boss and I want to talk a little today about the difference between a great boss and a poor boss, plus the impact that this can have on your working life. My friend Garrett has a brilliant boss called Michael Giuffrida, a man who inspires and motivates him every day. Contrastingly my boss is very poor and can often be draconian and inaccessible, rarely helping us and definitely not motivating us. I spoke to Garrett about what it is that makes Mike such a great boss, and here is what he had to say.


My buddy told me that his boss is very approachable and that he is able to make everyone in the office feel at ease when they talk to him. Garrett says that regardless of whether you need some personal help or you wish to share a new idea, his boss is always all ears. The impact of this he tells me is a workforce which are happy and comfortable and most importantly that they feel valued at work.


Garrett tells me that everyone in his workplace is more than happy to work extra hours or stay back late and this is because their boss is very accommodating when they need something. Whether it be a doctor’s appointment or an early finish to collect the kids from school, Mike always tries to accommodate their needs. This is a perfect example of give and take in the workplace.


There are days when my buddy simply isn’t up for working, where he lacks energy and drive. These are the days he tells me when his boss is at his best, not only because he is able to spot this, but also because he knows exactly what it takes to get Garrett motivated and ready to work. What my friend also tells me about his boss is that he is able to do this with everyone, using a different approach for each character in the office. This is an attribute which more bosses should possess and once again it ensures that the workforce respect the boss and feel inspired to work for them.

Team Work

My buddy also spoke about how his boss will always include himself in the team, despite the fact that he is also the leader. In fact what Garrett actually says is that his boss knows exactly when to be part of the team and when to adopt the role of the leader. The result of this is a team which works very well together and has mutual respect between themselves and their boss.

I wish that I had a boss like this, he sounds brilliant!