These Are Some Of The Very Best Things You Can Do In Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is not wonderful just for winter vacations. You can also enjoy a wonderful time in Aspen during summer. There are many interesting options that become available when there are not many tourists present. Aspen during summer is great, with flexible lodging available, like Capital Resorts Group reviews, and great things to do, like:

Independence Pass

Independence Pass has a height of a little over 12,000 feet, being a wonderful natural attraction in the area. The sights that you see here are one-of-a-kind. You can see some of the lovely scenery of Colorado. The reason why Independence Pass appeared is glacial movement that happened in the region, all being refined by water and wind erosion.

When you visit during summer, you get access to a wonderful combination of truly unrivaled weather and sights. You can see Mount Elbert in the background right to the east and can basically walk right through authentic history. You will definitely love Aspen wildlife.

Maroon Peak Trail

The Maroon Peak Trail combines genuine Colorado majesty with true recreation. It covers 11.3 miles and takes you through some of the best outdoor areas of the state. During the summer this trail is really well-defined and literally comes alive with hikers, walkers and locals. You are taken across a beautiful lake and will love the experience if you are a birdwatcher.

Since Aspen is a really pet-friendly destination, we are sure you will love the fact that dogs can actually accompany while you are on a trail. You just need to be sure your best friend is on a leash.

Smuggler Mine

If you feel adventurous, you want to consider Smuggler Mine. It will surely get adrenaline pumping. It is located on Smuggler Mountain and gives you access to an authentic mine’s remains. What is particularly interesting is that this mine is still fully operational. It is actually the oldest one that mines silver and still works in the entire area of Aspen.

Smuggler Mine is now listed on the official National Register of Historic Places and showcases the history of the region. You can go inside the mine and see what miners experience or just visit the exterior.

Collegiate Peaks

Many see this as one of the best parts of the Sawatch Range. If you are looking for a wonderful hiking escapade, Collegiate Peaks is named like this because its peaks are named after the top of the IVY League Universities, like Mount Oxford or Mount Harvard. The summits boast high treelines and the backcountry there is simply incredible. You want to experience Collegiate Peaks during the summer months since the landscape is 100% majestic.

Different wonderful hikes are available at Collegiate Peaks, with Lake Anne Trail being the highly recommended one. It will take you towards a water body that is around 11,800 feet above.

On the whole, there are countless incredible attractions available for those that decide to visit Aspen during summers. Those above are just some of those to take into account.