No More Dry Weed! 9 Surprising Ways to Stop Marijuana Leaf Problems

Do you love smoking weed? If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, as state laws continue to change throughout the country, more and more people have begun to discover the medicinal and recreational benefits of marijuana.

If you’ve ever experimented with growing your own pot plants, there’s plenty to understand about cultivating a healthy crop. For example, you’ll have to know how to deal with marijuana leaf problems. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place for advice.

This article takes a look at how to prevent dry marijuana plants so that you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality weed. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on taking your cannabis plant growing skills to the next level.

1. Place Wet Cotton Balls Over Dried Marijuana Buds

Believe it or not, you can use wet cotton balls to help prevent marijuana buds from drying out. The key is to place some cotton in tin foil, poke a few holes for ventilation, and then place this container next to your buds. Within a few hours, your buds would start getting moist again.

This is a low-tech yet extremely effective way to keep your crop fresh, most, and healthy, rather than turning it into old weed.

2. Place Lettuce Over Dried Marijuana Buds

Lettuce provides another surprisingly effective means of keeping marijuana nice and fresh. The key is to select some Iceberg lettuce and place a few leaves in your weed container. Leave the lettuce in there for a few days and you’ll be blown away by the results.

3. Use Glass Jars

When choosing a container for storing weed, you’d be wise to opt for glass jars rather than plastic bags. Why? Well, you can purchase a flat of air-tight jars for around ten bucks, and they will keep your buds fresher longer. That’s because plastic bags simply don’t seal as well.

4. Place Orange Peels Over Dried Marijuana Buds

You can also place orange peels in your weed container to help keep your crop fresh. Just keep in mind that your bud may smell a tad orangy. But if you don’t mind the citrus overtones, this is a great low-tech storage option.

5. Use Air-Tight Contains

It’s also extremely important to use air-tight containers. Keep in mind that air is the enemy of quality marijuana.

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6. Keep Away From Light

Light is another enemy of weed. That’s why you need to store your crop away from sunlight so it’ll remain as fresh as possible.

7. Keep Away From Excessive Heat

Too much heat will make your weed a bit crispy. Thus you use fans and air conditioning to make your growing environment climate controlled.

8. Don’t Overwater

Your plants obviously need water. And yet too much water will actually damage your crop. This is due to the fact that when plants have been overwatered the cells within leaves will bulge and rupture.

9. Protect Your Plants From Pests and Fungi

Never forget that pests and fungi will destroy your plants. Thus you consider using ladybugs or praying mantis to protect your plants, and then inoculate your soil with mycorrhizal fungi in an effort to protect the roots.

A Grower’s Guide to Avoiding Marijuana Leaf Problems

Growing your own weed can be an exciting adventure. Fortunately, these tips for preventing marijuana leaf problems will help make your growing experience stress-free.

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