The Environmental Benefits of Using Vinyl Cladding for your Home

Australia has some of the harshest weather conditions in the world, from arid semi-deserts and temperate climates to the damp, tropical climates of the north. That is why many homeowners need to take certain measures to protect their houses from the ravages that weather can play on them. Luckily for the concerned residents, there are a few solutions that can give adequate protection to their homes, without sacrificing on their aesthetic qualities.


Come Rain, Sleet Or Arid Wind

First introduced in the 1950’s to the US and Canadian market, there has been a neat solution which has, for over 50 years stood the test of time with regards to a reliable home protection solution that is sturdy, effective, and affordable. I am of course talking about vinyl cladding for a home’s exterior walls. This product has been around in Australia since the early 70s, and many homeowners in Sydney have been taking advantage of its benefits.

But what are these benefits? Well for starters, it is very cheap to import and a skilled technician can apply it to a home with relative speed and ease. Beyond that, the cladding is weatherproof, maintenance free, it beautifies the exterior walls of a house, and its insulated properties means that it conserves energy for greater cost effectiveness.

Vinyl cladding is made up of a mixture of chemicals and plastics which are quite thin (roughly 0.5 to 1mm thick) meaning that it can be applied seamlessly to a home’s exterior without looking bulky and devaluing the home’s aesthetic quality.

It Is Maintenance Free

Different types of cladding for homes have varying needs when it comes to maintenance. Vinyl cladding on the other hand requires very little to no maintenance at all. So if we want to talk about cost effectiveness, the need to never maintain the material (unless it is purposefully or accidentally damaged) means that you will end up saving a lot of money in the long run on its upkeep.

A Range Of Colours And Grains

Something that can often be very off-putting about wall cladding is that there is not much of an option to choose from when it comes to varying styles. And more often than not, painting over these materials can lead to cracks which are unsightly, devaluing the look of your home’s exterior. Vinyl cladding on the other hand comes in a variety of different grains like rusticated off white, sentry black, and bevel-back grey, to keep in line with the look of your home and never needs painting. Of course these are not the only colours that the cladding comes in. There is a massive range of hues to suite your home and neighbourhood, to make sure that if your home stands out amongst the others, it is for all the right reasons.

Vinyl cladding can be applied to newly built houses, those that need recladding and of course those that have need for over-cladding to boost the protection of its exterior. This cladding is UV stable, durable, and retains an impressive degree of safety in a natural disaster, whether it be a flood or a cyclone.