Things to Consider When Re-Decorating

So the time has come when you simply need a change in your home, maybe your not even sure what room or rooms that you would like to redecorate perhaps you just need a change. This usually occurs at around the 3 year mark of home ownership having marked your style on your home when you first bought it. So what sort of things should you be considering when looking to improve your home? And what is the best way to go about it? Here are some tips for you on making your decision and to help you work out how to go about it.


Maximum Impact

If you are unsure of which room or area of the home that you would like to re-decorate then my advice would be to consider what will make the largest impact. Invariably this will be the living area like the kitchen or the living room. Whilst re-decorating rooms such as these may be more expensive they will make a remarkable difference on the home, especially as these are the rooms where you spend most of your time.


Obviously before undertaking any sort of task such as re-decorating, it is imperative that you consider your outlay. Always have a maximum figure that you are willing to spend before you start planning and buying. It can be very tempting to spend more money than you have when redecorating, especially when you see what is on offer at the home department stores. Another important piece of advice is to consider what the largest spends will be, cost them first before stylish touches.


It is always important that you spend time planning what equipment you will need for the job in hand. The last thing that you want is to designate a day to redecoration and then realise that you are short of equipment. Things like paint brushes, plastic sheeting, wallpaper paste, wallpaper tables are things that are often forgotten. If you are looking at doing some serious renovation work then there is far more equipment that you will need to remember and to cost in, sometimes it is much more economical to hire acrow props if you’re looking at doing ceiling work.


Choosing colour schemes can be a bit of a minefield, some people have the flair of design and some simply don’t. The best advice here is to pick up a couple of home design magazines, not only do they have great tips for colour schemes and style patterns but very often recommend exactly where you can buy items from. Remember that when looking at colour schemes you should link all paint, wallpaper, ornaments, lamps and other design features into the scheme to achieve maximum effect. If you are planning on just adding a few pieces to your room and don’t wish to re-paint or wallpaper then simply look into other colours that match your walls, this way you won’t have to put a great amount of effort in but still you will achieve the results that you wanted.