Things to Consider When Decorating Your Living Room

The living room, aside from the kitchen, is the room in which we spend most of our time, it is usually the largest room in the house and for hese reasons, redecorating it can make a huge impact on the appearance of your home. It stands to reason that decorating only one room often proves to be the cheapest option when looking to update your home and with the living room having such a large impact it makes sense to start there. With any room there are obvious design ideas to consider but where the living room differs from say a bedroom is that you are trying to create a design that fits everyone’s needs and not just an individual. Before you start planning your living room here are some things to consider.


The usage of space is a key ingredient in the design of a living room, firstly you need to decide how spacious you’d like it to be, some prefer to fill their living room with furnishings and tables, others prefer to leave as much space as possible. Obviously these choices depend on the size of your living room but space is a key component to consider. Something else worth considering is the layout of your room, often they are centred around a television but try to picture your room as a blank space instead of sticking to the old formula.


The largest items in your living room will no doubt be furniture, specifically the sofas and armchairs that you will put in it. In this instance it’s important to consider how you or your family use the furniture, do you currently have a 2 seater and a 3 seater when you only need a 2 seater and an armchair or visa versa. Don’t feel obliged to fill your room with seating areas if you don’t really need them, you can better use this space with alternative items. Next up is the colour and design of your sofa, once you’ve decided on a colour scheme then you can start to look for sofas that fit in with it whether your looking for something classic or something a little more contemporary like the furniture that sites like Danetti can offer.


As much as we would all love a 65″ curved TV, sometimes, even if you can afford it, large electronics simply don’t look good in smaller living rooms. Furthermore people often forget the scale of their electronics before planning a redecoration. Usually when redecorating, electronics aren’t replaced so consider how you knew style living room will fit around the TV or stereo that you currently have. Something else to consider is wiring solutions, there is little less attractive in a brand new living room than a bunch of wires hanging around the back of the TV from your console, DVD player, satellite system or stereo, there are plenty of options out there to minimise this if you wish to have such electronics in you knew room.